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A little photoshoot from Ikkicon! Complete with an artsy black and white edit

Street tier Kanaya


Design by blackoutballad

holy crap what a kickass kan!!

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Street Tier from Animeland Wasabi!

This group was hella rad but a lot of people couldn’t make it thanks to the weather :c

Latula (me) - Facebook
Meulin - Nahla
Caliborn - Nate

Photographer - Tumblr

Designs by blackoutballad!

Part two is here!

[screAMING OFF CAMERA] !!!!!!

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HOMESTUCK: Street Tier
Youmacon 2013
Part I

John | Dave | Rose | Jade
Nepeta | Kanaya | Feferi
Jane | Dirk | Jake
Kankri | Mituna | Meulin | Porrim
Davesprite | Jadesprite

Based on designs by blackoutballad

aka: “The group which caused my camera to vomit rainbows.” :D

For the record: This group TIED with two other groups for largest of the year! *jawdrop* (Hemostuck, Walking Dead, and Street Tier)


the shoes the outfits look aT ALL THE COLORs you guys are so fucking awesome i can’t thank you enough for sharing this w/ me!

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How would you feel about me and my friend doing your street tier designes for our Male!Jane and Male!Roxy And if you wouldn't mind throwing us a small design please

Asked by makaras-cod

i wouldn’t mind at all! and sure:


it’s very messy gomen unu

but yeah pretty much nothing would change except for some stuff on jane. who now has shorter sleeves and harem pants? also male!roxy’s shirt is shorter and his bag resembles rufioh’s backpack instead. i also updated the color palette :> hope this helps!

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Streettier group, Youmacon ‘13.

Dave - Dirk - Nepeta - Kankri - Rose - Feferi - Porrim - Mituna - Jadesprite - Jake - Jade - Meulin - Kanaya - Jane - John - Davesprite - Photos

So, we FINALLY FINALLY!! got to do this group. After much planning and pain on everyone’s behalf. This was my favorite shoot to date, and I’m super glad everyone who made it did. Thanks for making my Youmacon, guys, and I hope we all get to do this in the future. ;v; (Also if I messed up anyone’s url please let me know!!!)

More photos to come, of course. ;>

om G i know …..

I KNOw this is just a preview but ever since i saw plans for this group to happen in the tag ive been excited for it EVER SINCE!!! THIS LOOKS GR8 AND U GUYS ARE GR8 and i cant wait to see more! ♥

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TG: its hot as the sizzle side of the steak

YoumaCon 2013 // Street-Tier Dave [x] // Design [x] // Photographer [x]


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Oh, look. We actually got a couple of semi decent pictures of me screwing around in my Street Tier Jade cosplay during Anime Iowa. I promise to get better pictures (and shoes) eventually.

Cosplay - Me

Photographer - Literateknits

Original Design - Blackoutballad

hhbbshsh wooaahhw lookit this wonderful jade!! 0u0

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Street Tier Roxy | Photos | Street Tier Design


[high-pitched screaming in the distaNCE]

WHoawwow what a lovely roxy! this is wonderful!!

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Hi! I'm Mei, a fanatic HS cosplayer from Barcelona, and I loooooveeee your Street Tier designs <3 I want to cosplay the "street sprites" with some friends soon. My boyfriend wants to do ARquiusprite, but there's no design of him. He's the only alpha sprite missing D: Do you have some sketches or ideas for his outfit? Thank you very much for your help! <3

Asked by orlyyarlymarly-deactivated20140

thank you! awhile ago i posted a simple idea for his outfit but i’m only acting on it just now so i whipped this up real quick —


as you can see it’s extremely uneventful! i figured there wasnt a whole lot i could do to arquiusprite without compromising him in some way so this is all that came out of that haha (his shoes would be super easy to find though ..)

sorry for it being incredibly lackluster but i hope this helps you out =v=

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hey! so a number of people asked me to make a tutorial of how i made my street tier jacket-and though i did already make it i made sure to reference you for art- and design C: it's in your street tier tag and name tag if you were curious!

Asked by autonuked

oh this is pretty nifty, thank you!

this person did a great job with their john jacket so i’ll post the link here in case anyone wants to take a gander at it!