well shit it’s happening again

maybe 2 weeks ago i had hit 10,000 followers [that’s crazy, y’all are crazy] and i’m still sorta reeling from the fact that so many people like what i do so here’s my custom letterman giveaway as another gesture of appreciation 8)

you may have noticed i added some new options hehe. new in town is the dreamer and alpha kid lettermans!

the jacket details are the same as the previous giveaway:

- it’s cotton!
- they are available in sizes: unisex S - XL
     - [black-sleeved jackets available in women’s S - XL as well]
- you are able to swap symbols on the upper right sleeve [only if you want it!] but the symbol on the breast cannot be changed
     - e.g. maybe you want hella jeff on the dirk design instead of the heart who knows


  • only ONE like and ONE reblog per person
  • please do not use sideblogs for extra chances! 
  • you don’t have to be following me but it would be nice :> though if the winner is a follower of mine, i /might/ throw in some extra stuff! 
  • i will handle shipping costs [internat’l is cool]
  • have inbox and/or submission box open so i can contact you! and you should probably be comfortable with giving me your address 
  • giveaway will end march 1, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. PST. there will be ONE winner that will be generated via number randomizer and announced as soon as possible
  • the winner has 24 hours to contact me or i will have to select a new one

A WARNING OR TWO: i learned my lesson last time when it took 3 whole days to load the entire list [if anyone has a faster method of loading notes, please let me know!] so as a precaution, i will announce the winner a couple of days after the giveaway ends. like before, i will order the jacket base once the winner responds and will proceed to customize it when it arrives. thereafter, it will be shipped to the winner, which will also take time depending on your location. 

if you have any questions, please refer to my FAQ or the FAQ from the previous giveaway first :)

thank you for sticking with me and making being in the homestuck fandom a fun experience!

good luck and have an extravagant day!

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