references part 1 for everyone who’s been asking about what they wear under their jacket :> i’ll get everyone else up soon.

i don’t think i need to explain the pages and the princes in great detail —

  • the pages wear regular t-shirts with their aspect symbol on it
  • the princes wear black waistcoats with dress shirts that are their canon godtier shirt color; their ties are the color of their aspect symbol

extra notes —-

  • the maids’ button-ups are slightly darker [or in porrim’s case, lighter] than their jacket colors
  • the maids’ socks have stylized stripe patterns that make them look like bandage wraps; jane slouches hers, nothing unlike a schoolgirl’s legwarmers

rogues’ bags — [full view]


iiii think that’s it. also sorry about this insane dashstretching going on right now hhhh

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