i’ve been getting a lot of questions about those suckas. read more under the cut!

1) where i’m purchasing the base! —-

honestly it shouldn’t be that hard to find various vendors who sell cotton letterman jackets with no preexisting designs on them :> out of an irrational fear that if i tell people now it will cause my preferred seller to run low on stock [silly but plausible], i will tell you guys after the giveaway ends! but like i said, a little bit of scouring the internet doesn’t hurt, haha :)

they usually run from $30-$40, shipping costs included. and i usually go about customizing by screening them or painting them on myself!

2) can you buy them from me? —-

(i blocked out url’s since IP issues are pretty important and controversial, especially regarding homestuck)

the short answer is no, i’m sorry.

i respect hussie’s intellectual property over homestuck and all concepts relating to it, so i’m not about to take other people’s money for something i didn’t create. and yes, i understand that this would essentially work as a commission but i’m not comfortable doing that. the only honest way for this to happen is if whatpumpkin or topatoco (companies with the appropriated permission and rights from the huss-man himself) somehow get a hold of this idea and implement it into their store. like the inquiries above, i advise you to set out and purchase bases to customize for your own! :>

3) customization and miscellaneous! —-

@jojostuck - sure! the godtier symbol is the only part of the design that remains stagnant. otherwise all other customization is optional!

@anonymous 1 and 2 - i regret not thinking of that option before i started it ….. and i have the perfect base jackets in mind for it fkjdhsfk for this giveaway, i’m afraid i can’t do that, so you can only choose from the godtiers, but you’ve just given me a good idea for a future giveaway!

@anonymous 3 - like i answered previously, the godtier symbol can’t be changed (but i can see why you would choose dirk for that one specifically haha). you are more than free to change the symbol on the sleeve, though!

@mikalhvi - i’d say go for it but i don’t think it would be wise to apply it to this giveaway, seeing as it’s already gotten around much too far for me to change anything about what’s already set. but if you find some bases i could use for the 4 remaining aspects, i would love to see them and consider them for future giveaways and/or reference!

@spooky2x4 - the size ranges from unisex small (S) to extra extra large (2XL)! :B

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