I suppose you’re here because you have some questions that need to be answered about my designs — Luckily you are in the right area and need not search any longer!

To lessen inbox traffic I created this page to answer a few simple questions about my Hitmanstuck AU and other designs that I’ve done in the past. Here be some links to some that will serve as general reference: 

Hitmanstuck: character set 1/character set 2/character set 3/character set 4/character set 5/character set 6/trickster!John

Borderlandstuck: [IN PROGRESS!_]

Colorswap/Bloodswap: kids and trolls/pre-scratch trolls

Genderbend/Rule 63: kids and trolls

Street-tier: beta kids/witch class/knight class/heir class/seer class/rogue class/prince class/maid class/page class/sylph class/thief class/mage class/bard class/lord and muse class/sprites 1, 2, 3 

Reaper Sisters AU: damara and aradia/outfit reference/dave [dead knight]/dave’s sword

Lettermanstuck: all jacket designs/giveaway jacket base

ALRIGHT on to the actual questions:

Is it alright to cosplay the designs?

  • YES! It is way more than okay. Honestly I’m still really flabbergasted that this AU plus some has gotten as far as they have and people wanting to cosplay the designs is a humongous milestone and honor for me. My only conditions are that 1) please credit me and 2) show me pictures when you’re done! :) I would absolutely love to see the final product and I’m sure everyone will just look extravagant!

Is it alright to tweak the designs for cosplay?

  • Absolutely! I won’t flip my shit if the outfit isn’t exactly as I had it originally outlined. Quite frankly I still have problems keeping it consistent [e.g. number of buttons on the vest hahaha], so I completely understand! Additionally, as a cosplayer I know the burden of monetary limitations, so finding ways to work around more complex pieces is a thing I am familiar with! In a nutshell, nothing has to be perfect and I’m just happy y’all are interested in the stuff that I’ve done.

Is it alright to ask further questions about specific details [e.g. fabric suggestions, shoes, angle references, etc.]?

  • Definitely! I understand my character sheets and photosets aren’t the most crystal-clear when it comes to detail. So if you’re confused on certain parts or stuck on figuring out specific things for a costume, feel free to contact me via askbox or submission about them! Do try not to flood me, though, hehe.
  • I’ll be honest, I’m actually not well-versed in fashion at all, so there’s a 50% chance I don’t know if an article of clothing I gave a character has a specific name or not. 
  • I should note that there is nothing wrong with taking guesses! As noted above, I don’t care if the final product does not look exactly like the original design because I’ll probably be too busy gushing over how cool you look anyway.
Additional notes —

Do you sell/commission those letterman jackets?
  • Nope.
Where can I buy the blank letterman jackets you used for your giveaways?
  • Right here! I distributed the link after my first giveaway so that people could customize their own jackets! They’re cotton and they come in a variety of colors :) 
What did you base the shoes off of in your street-tier designs?
  • I based them largely on Supras.  Most people have probably already noticed that I like to hodge-podge bits and pieces together so there aren’t really any specific models I can refer you to. I used the google image search as reference so perhaps that may help? [This does not mean you have to have Supras! I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives out there.]
If I cosplayed/drew a custom design, would you still want to see it?
  • Yes. Fuckin’ absolutely. There is no way I wouldn’t want to see your custom outfit it’s probably cool as fuck.
LASTLY— If you’d like me to see something, feel free to tag it appropriately [e.g. “Hitmanstuck”] or with my URL, “blackoutballad.” I check out those tags from time to time :)
I think that should cover it! Let me know if I’ve missed anything.