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Karasuno High Volleyball Team

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Artist: Ta-ku
Track: Higher (Flume Remix)
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here john go match w/ your ectosister

this might turn into another design set i’m a little apprehensive ( ̄◇ ̄;)

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i’ve come to the conclusion that this blog is ‘too homestuck’ for me to be comfortable posting things from any other series rn as odd as that sounds hhRfgHH

so i started this one up! 

don’t!!!!!! take this as that i’ll stop posting on this one or drawing homestuck b/c there are so many things i still want to draw for homestuck!! so. many. things. 

BUT i like a lot of series and want to contribute to them properly! so if u want to see me do the art thingy for other series go on an take a gander!! in the future i’m hoping i’ll be able to integrate the two ovo


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ghHHGhh thank u!! i didn’t think i’d be asked for a jacket reference but yes here it is!! full view here!

for once i actually looked up what the tactician coat looks like instead of half-assing it from memory so use the detailing shown here, not the first one i did b/c i was so wrong lol

also bonus lucina letterman~ 8)

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robin doobles from twitter because i’m pumped n practically in love ugh /slams fist on desk

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i usually draw vriska wearing something i would except it looks 250% cooler on her lmao

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dedicated to some hitmanstuck cosplayers who were at AX! sadly i didn’t get to see u but i bet u looked marvelous

even though i don’t draw it much i still really appreciate people who contribute to this AU :’)

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On Saturday I'll be going as Eren Jaeger :) are you cosplaying?

Asked by erejaen

oh cool! hopefully i get to see you!

and as for myself if everything works out i’ll be going as marth (his design from the new smash bros) and i’ll be w/ a roy, ike, eliwood, n chrom as well 8)