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ghHHGhh thank u!! i didn’t think i’d be asked for a jacket reference but yes here it is!! full view here!

for once i actually looked up what the tactician coat looks like instead of half-assing it from memory so use the detailing shown here, not the first one i did b/c i was so wrong lol

also bonus lucina letterman~ 8)

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robin doobles from twitter because i’m pumped n practically in love ugh /slams fist on desk

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i usually draw vriska wearing something i would except it looks 250% cooler on her lmao

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dedicated to some hitmanstuck cosplayers who were at AX! sadly i didn’t get to see u but i bet u looked marvelous

even though i don’t draw it much i still really appreciate people who contribute to this AU :’)

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On Saturday I'll be going as Eren Jaeger :) are you cosplaying?

Asked by erejaen

oh cool! hopefully i get to see you!

and as for myself if everything works out i’ll be going as marth (his design from the new smash bros) and i’ll be w/ a roy, ike, eliwood, n chrom as well 8)

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omg first off i’m really sorry i need to stop disappearing for lengthy periods of time before conventions i h8 cosplay crunch so much „

anyway yeah, as the title of this post implies i’m interested in finding out who’s going to AX this year!

are you cosplaying?

as which character? 

are you going to be in artist alley? tell me where! 

i’m going to be attending on saturday and i still really want to meet as many people as i can! (٭°̧̧̧ω°̧̧̧٭)

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jade bby! in an amalgam of fashion details i keep thinking about 

a lot of my stuff has been featuring green lately hmmm

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i enjoy the new appearance customization on mobile like even though it’s simplistic u lovelies sure do come up w/ super pretty and bombass color schemes

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sometimes asters are associated with virgo

literally means ‘star’ but in flower language can mean ‘elegance’ so i think it fits well?

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followed suit a year afterwards w/ the alphas

throwin’ in the complete photoset for good measure uvu

— pls full-view if possible — [x] [x] [x] [x]